A desolate Santa Cruz River in the future.


The Tucson Story

Picture of dandelion emerging from a crack in the pavement next to a dry river.


A diverse group of teens look past their cultural differences and bring their communities together to save Tucson as climate change progresses.


In Tucson’s not-so-distant future where climate change takes a turn for the worst, where even native Sonoran plants can’t stand the desert heat, a blackout causes a disruption in the already diminished water and food supply. It’s up to the youth to find a way to escape their scorching hot fate. Can Rogelio, a barrio teen grappling with family issues, alongside of Ha:san, a Tohono O’odham teen struggling to balance traditional ways with city life, and Alex, a runaway non-binary science whiz, bring their communities together to fix this mess before it's too late?